Ensuring Quality

Six-Stage Process

Hospitality Linen Services uses a simple six-stage process, complemented by quality equipment from Girbau and industry leading chemicals form Ecolab.

1. Cleaning

We use a Girbau TBS50 10-stage tunnel washer with 4x ST-1300 dryers. The TBS50 recycles up to 60% of the water used during the wash cycle. The ST-1300 dryers are some of the most efficient dryers around today, with effective air recycling helping to reduce dry times from a standard 30 minutes for towels down to 18-20 minutes. We use chemicals supplied by EcoLab and as well as regular audits of cleaning quality we have an ongoing quality improvement and efficiency strategy.

2. Ironing

We have two ironing lines. We have Girbau’s latest DRF4 feeder, PC120 two roll Ironer and FL-King Folder with quality options. This machine is capable of getting through 400-500 sheets per hour, it is fully automated and stacks the linen for us. We also have a Lapauw two roll ironer for all of our smaller items; this is manually fed and gives us a better quality finish on table linen.

3. Folding

On the back of each ironing line we have a specific automatic folder and quality inspection point. We also have a towel folder from Girbau called FT-Maxi. This towel folder auto sorts by size and stacks ready for direct packing.

4. Quality Control

We have multiple points of checking at each station and clearly defined standards to measure and categorize rejects. By working harder to identify rejects during the wash process it allows us to keep customer reject levels down.

5. Packing

Once the linen has been inspected it then goes into either a cage or bag depending on customer need, we line all bags with a plastic protective wrap and can accommodate specific customer packing requirements.

6. Delivery

We have two 7.5 ton trucks that give us flexible delivery options. Individual delivery schedules are agreed directly with the customer. We employ our own drivers and ensure that all statutory requirements are met.

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